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This product began development in 2008 in response to a request from the Arts industry in Adelaide, South Australia, for a reliable, easy to use data projector controller. This was achieved by combining an extremely versatile digital timer with microprocessor control that issues RS232 control codes to the projector.

It has been produced for museums, festivals, touring Arts projects etc within Australia and has proven reliable, easy to use and it's popularity spread by word of mouth.

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A versatile Timer to control data projectors

PJC 808 Data Projector controller

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This product sends RS232 control codes to projectors. Most modern projectors have this control facility. We recommend that you confirm that with the seller before purchase. If you have a situation where you have a video source, for example a DVD or computer presentation, that you want to turn on and off automatically, then this is the solution for you.

The problem is that projectors can not be turned on and off by switching the main power supply. They need to be woken up from Standbye, and then put back into Standbye. This is because when the presentation is finished, and the projector lamp is switched off, the fan must run for a period of time to allow the lamp to cool safely.

This can be achieved by using the PJC808 controller. Just set the on and off times you require (up to 8 per day, with many days-of-the-week combinations available), plug it in, and leave it to control the projector. The controller is designed just for this purpose, to wake the projector up, and put it to sleep again. It does not issue any other control codes.

Manufacturers have their own control codes, often differing from model to model. The PJC808 can easily be configured to control any suitable projector with the aid of our PC software application, available for FREE from this website. The PJC808 is usually supplied with the control codes for a specific projector as requested by the purchaser.

The PJC808 is a microcontroller system configured for this application. It is based upon a general purpose hardware engine designed by Electrickery that has many possible applications. If your situation requires more control of the projector please contact us. The PJC808 can be configured to respond to other inputs and issue most of the control codes a projector can respond to.

The PJC808 can also be used to control other devices that have RS232 control capability, like DVD players. It is recommended that this capability is confirmed with the seller before purchase.

For more information about the possibilites, go to the DM/RS8DIM page.

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Utility software (PJC808 Toolkit)

Click here to download our free utility software, the PJC808 Toolkit

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