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This is a very powerful product capable of a vast range of control applications. It utilises one of the popular Atmel AVR microcontrollers, the ATTiny2313. It has had software developed to enable it to read a digital timer and issue serial RS232 codes to data projectors, see Data Projector Timer , to be a fully integrated DMX serial RS485 device to control 8 channels of High Power LED arrays, see 8 channel High Power LED dim & switch . It has also controlled motors via PWM and H bridge motor drivers. It's design has been based on many years of experience in computer control of lights (mains voltage to low voltage, AC & DC), sound effects, solenoids to control large electrical currents as well as pneumatic actuators, and electric motors.

The three BCD rotary switches can be used for a variety of purposes. One purpose is to allow individual addressing of the board. For example, in DMX applications, where many devices are connected together in a "chain", each device must have an address from 1 to 255. The rotary switches allow easy addressing to achieve this. Proprietry applications can use the same principle, and may use up to 999 unique addresses. Of course we are not limited to using these inputs as addresses. They could provide task specific information to the board, effectively customising it's purpose, telling it to do this, or that, of 999 possibilities. They could be providing data specific to this board. Furthermore, if the rotary switches are removed, and 5V logic signals are connected instead, dynamic electronic signals and data could be sent to this device, allowing extremely flexible applications.

This board can be programmed to do all of these things by us, or you, using low cost PC interaces and free development software.

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DMX / RS232 I/O interface control with 8 Digital I/O ports

DM/RS8DIM 1.1 Control

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