specialising in real-time, real-life robotic animation

"Let us startle, astound, amuse and inform our fellow human travellers."

In the Time Before Now

In 1985 a new business was born in Adelaide, South Australia, focused on designing and producing the very best of the world of theatrical illusion to tantalize, titillate and educate the minds of visitors to museums, interpretative centres, expos, public events, science centres -- in fact any place where people meet ideas.

Electrickery is driven by the vision of Leigh Milne. Leigh loves theatre in all it's manifestations.. drama, dance, opera, ice-skating, museum, spectacle... and he loves the technical elements that help it all along.

Since the Seventies, Leigh has been creating suppport material for the Human endeavour of "telling stories". No matter whether its the stories of Arts, Science or Humanities, there exists the need for a sympathetic physicist. Someone who understands the artistic vision, can share that vision, and then works to use all the available technology, old and new, to achieve that vision.

Electrickery exists to be inventive, to find the best technological solution for a story telling situation, to find the right match, to design the solution, and to produce it... one at a time, or by many, many, many.

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