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These products were created to solve specific requests from customers, but have been designed to suit many different applications. They also demonstrate some of the design and production capabilities of Electrickery.

These products are versatile, and can be modified to your requirements.

*Please Note that these specifications and prices are subject to variation, please confirm before ordering.

Product PJC808

A versatile Timer to control data projectors

PJC 808 Data Projector controller

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This product sends RS232 control codes to projectors. Most modern projectors, other than the cheapest, have this control facility. If you have a situation where you have a video source, for example a DVD or computer presentation, that you want to turn on and off automatically, then this is the solution for you.


Product LB-108A

Super bright LED panel with touch/proximity sensor input

LB-108 Control

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This product comprises three high power Osram Golden Dragon LEDs (White, 45 lumens, 17000MCD) with two constant current regulators, a touch / proximity input and a microprocessor to control the brightness of the LEDs. It operates from 12V DC. One of the constant current regulators is used to drive the companion board below. Both boards are driven by the same output of the microprocessor, so their illumination is in sync with each other. Only this main board can be triggered by the touch input.

The microprocessor can be factory programmed to control the illumination of the LEDs in a great variety of effects. Including responding to different input triggers, like sound, light, voltage, etc to control on, off and dimming levels. The panels can be used for back-lighting of feature walls of transparent or translucent materials like plastic and glass. Also for highlighting architectural features.


Product LB-108B

Companion board to LB-108A

LB-108 LEDs

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This product comprises three high power Osram Golden Dragon LEDs (White, 45 lumens, 17000MCD) on a board with the same dimensions as the board above. It requires 12V DC constant current of 350mA supply. This is what the control board, LB-108A above, provides through it's second constant current regulator.

Both of these boards have been very carefully designed to allow a variety of illumination possibilities. Apart from the possibilities outlined above, the spacing of the LEDs (107mm between centres) allows for bright spot illumination until, 40mm away from the LEDs, smooth overlapping of the light beams offers, with a suitable diffusor, smooth, even illumination.


Product DM-RS8DIM

Serial DMX - RS232 I/O interface control with 8 Digital I/O ports

DM/RS8DIM 1.1 Control

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This is a very powerful product capable of a vast range of control applications. It utilises one of the popular Atmel AVR microcontrollers, the ATTiny2313. It has had software developed to enable it to read a digital timer and issue serial RS232 codes to data projectors, see Data Projector Timer , to be a fully integrated DMX serial RS485 device to control 8 channels of High Power LED arrays, see High Power LED array control . It has also controlled motors via PWM and H bridge motor drivers. It's design has been based on many years of experience in computer control of lights (mains voltage to low voltage, AC & DC), sound effects, solenoids to control large electrical currents as well as pneumatic actuators, and electric motors.

This board can be programmed to do all of these things by us, or you, using low cost PC interaces and free development software.


Product DM-LED8

Switching board, 8 individual channels, each with digital level input, up to 1.5A constant current output, set via a small resistor, preset to 750mA

DM/LED8 V1.1

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This board solves the problem of driving very high powered LEDs and LED arrays, with constant current up to 1.5 Amp for each output. A maximum of 24V DC input allows for a wide range of LEDs and LED arrays to be driven by each of the eight outputs. That is a lot of Wattage driving very bright LEDs!

The control input for this board comprises a ten pin header. This has eight 5V logic level control inputs, one for each of the eight output channels, and a logic Ground connection. A logic High on any control input will drive the corresponding output at full. A logic Low will switch off the output completely. A PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) signal to any control input will set the output to the relative brightness level between full on, and completely off.


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