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These panels were originally designed to be low voltage, long lasting, high brightness, touch sensitive, animated sources of back illumination for the beautiful blue - green glass blocks created by Adelaide glass artist, Deb Jones.

They needed to react to being touched, or stood on, bright enought to see in strong Australian daylight, and interesting to look at at all times.

The result is these panels now available here. The panels in the sculpture have met all the design criteria extremely well. They have run for 24 hours per day, through very wet winters, and the extreme heat of summers, for over two years so far.

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These boards were designed to provide the illuminated "heartbeat" of this street sculpture, "Fallen Light".

Adelaide Franklin St Bus Lights Installation
LB-108 lighting up the street.

This sculptural work has five main pieces, assembled as "L" shapes, with the bottom embedded in the footpath. All the time the LED panels' light levels rise and fall in groups, providing a never-ending variation of undulation within each main piece, and across the five pieces. It is the bottom part that is interactive. The LEDs flash brightly and then continue undulating. The flashes of light reflect the rythmn of the tapping of the glass tiles in the footpath. Reliable interactivity is achieved through 25mm thick glass tiles.


Super bright LED panel with touch/proximity sensor input

LB-108 Control

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Companion board to LB-108A

LB-108 LEDs

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