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"Let us startle, astound, amuse and inform our fellow human travellers."

Custom Electronic and Robotic design

Electrickery is skilled at producing very elegant and effective digital effects with light, sound and movement in live theatre, museums, visitor centres, commercial & private buildings and grounds, hospitality and entertainment venues.

Core areas we specialise in are all manner of lighting effects, robotic animatronics, programmable sound effects, controlled by reliable, affordable, micro-electronics. Our LED expertise means the latest in brilliant but low-power effects are possible.

Electrickery started applying computer control to lights, sound and movements in 1979. Since then Museums, Interpretive Centres, all genre of live Theatre, Parades, Expos, Businesses, Governments and Councils have sought out Electrickery to design and implement solutions for their needs.

Electrickery often finds solutions by seeing how off-the-shelf components can be combined, and by creating new components, to fulfil the design brief.

The design brief may be controlling lights (colour, source, dim, chase, all effects, all voltages, all power), as well as motor and pneumatic movements, and embedded sound effects giving voice, music, ambiant effects, etc. We can also produce single or multiple embedded micro-computer solutions for DMX control of RS232, and vice versa, and many peripheral devices.

PJC808 Projector Timer Control Data Projector control for Museums, Interpretive Centres, Audio Visual installations, etc read about it here...

LB108 Touch sensitive LED panel Touch or Proximity Sensing to control brightness dimming of sculptural or architectural LED lighting, etc read about it here...

DM/RS8DIM DMX & RS232 control eight channels I/O DMX control with 8 Logic Level outputs, each capable of 256 PMW steps, many configurations possible, read about it here...

DM-LED8 PWM control eight channels of very high power LEDs Electronics to drive up to eight channels of very high powered LEDs and LED arrays, with constant current up to 1.5 Amp for each output, read about it here...

Small projects like flicking a few LED's on and off by hand, remote, wireless etc and large projects, like re-producing highly animated re-creations of just about any living creature, are tackled with equal vigour and attention to detail.

Electrickery's founder, Leigh Milne, has always had a love of the natural world, and has explored ways to reflect it's beauty in his work. The realms of electronics and animatronics can often be artificial and mechanical, but Electrickery strives to introduce "organic-like" elements to many of our projects. Some randomness in animatronic movement and lighting, combined with interactivity between apparently separate entities is very effective. The result is effects that, although having an underlying united purpose, are never repeated or predictable. This engages the imagination of the observer, and adds value to the project.

We approach robotic animation as an exercise in choreography. Unlike conventional engineering parameters that make movements in the X Y Z axis, we think organically, and construct mechanical, motive and electronic solutions that more acurately mimic real life. And then we can give our animated creations selected "random" choices of speech phrases and movement, so that observers never see the same sequences of movement and conversation / sounds / etc.

Adelaide Franklin St Bus Lights Installation This high-power animated LED and glass sculpture is effective in daylight, brilliant at night.

"Adelaide, Franklin St Bus terminal 'Fallen Light'"

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